Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stay-Cation Project List

Since 2009, I've taken the week of July 4th as a "stay-cation." The first year, I had my nephew from Texas for the week, and we did day trips to different areas of the state so I could share with him some of my favorite spots and experiences including the beauty of Lake Superior and the Bald Eagles on the Mississippi near Wabasha. But, for the last few years, I've taken the time to spend in the garden, or visit gardens in the area. It's been a great way for me to re-charge, even though I always have a list of projects to accomplish. Here's the list of projects for this year:

Finish the stone path on the west side of the garden. I placed the stones a few weeks ago (and blew out my elbow in the process) but, I'm 4 flagstones short. So, I need to make a trip to the stone dealer and then do some re-arranging. I'm pretty certain I can get this project done this week -- since it will also help me accomplish my goal of grass elimination by July 4th!

Lay the brick line on the east side of the garden. My neighbor has a lawn service, and he's nervous about getting too close to the front walk garden. I appreciate his care, but it means he leaves almost a foot of grass untrimmed, which I then need to trim or pull out! If I lay a row of brick along the property line, he can run the wheels of the mower on the brick and everyone will be happy. I'm going to use the pile of brick I rescued earlier this year, so this will be a no-cost project.

Build the two-bin Composter. Yes. This has been on the project list for a few years now. I'm STILL using the temporary bins I threw together at the end of the gardening season in 2010. My tenant reminds me on a regular basis how unattractive the temporary bins are, so I'm pretty motivated to get this project accomplished.

Plant the annuals. Why do I always wait to mid-season to do this?! Oh yeah. There are other things to do, too! I picked out pink impatiens for the shady area and pale blue petunias for the sunny areas. I've decided I'm not planting the planters this year because I forgot to water them last year and they got crispy in short order.

Move Stuff Around. For me, this is akin to doing the laundry. You're never really "done." My azaleas aren't doing well where they are, and if I move them, there will be room for the big Ligs, which are currently in pots. The front corner is getting crowded, so I need to move the Siberian Iris. And, after the brick goes in, there'll be more room for hosta up front. (I also have to dig out the tulips in that bed.)

Since the weather forecast is for hot and steamy all week, I'll have to work in the morning and/or follow the shade. Guess I better start a pitcher of iced tea, too!
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