Monday, October 25, 2010

Visiting the Gaylord Texan

I have just returned from the Gaylord Texan, a HUGE resort/conference center in Dallas, Texas, where I was a guest for the last week or so—bonding and learning with colleagues from work. We had long days (and nights) of meetings and events. But, there were a few opportunities for solo activities, and guess what?! I explored the gardens!

It’s Texas, so they had lots of succulents and cacti. I didn’t take snapshots of those. (I did take snaps when I was at the Botanical Garden in San Antonio last November. Those were some spectacular plants.) There were also lots and lots of bromeliad and other typical hotel plantings.

I bumped into a gardener early one morning, who was removing fallen leaves from one of the beds with a long pincher! He talked with me for a bit and said he was one of eight gardeners who keep the gardens (indoors and out) looking spectacular. I forgot to ask him about the Texas sized grapes in the vineyard, of which I DID take some snapshots because they were so outrageous! (They were also outdoors, which was wonderful after many hours/days inside.)

p.s. Apparently, I have not mastered the “scheduled” feature in blogger, so the posts I thought would get automatically posted while I was gone, did not actually post! *sigh* Sorry for the long absence.


Anonymous said...

Western New York is wine country and grows a lot of grapes, but I have not see monsters like those in Texas.

Marguerite said...

Goodness that's a lot of grape for such a small vine. Glad to hear you were just taking a well deserved break.

Auntie K said...

Donna and Marguerite; I thought the grapes were phenomenal, too, so I squeezed one. They're FAKE! I don't know if the resort places them on the vines in post-harvest times so that people can tell which grapes grow where, or what! One of my colleagues was convinced they were lights, but we took a walk through the vineyard at night and the giganto-grapes were dark.

I'm glad to be back and in my normal routine! ahhhhh.

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