Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lupines at Last!

I don’t even want to think about how many times I’ve tried growing lupines over the years.  I didn’t have any success at the St Paul House and I haven’t had any luck so far at Auntie K’s Garden.  (I posted back in 2010 about my abysmal luck with lupines!)  

I’ve tried plants from nurseries.  I’ve tried plants from friends. I’ve tried seeds.  Nothing has worked—until now!  So, I was thrilled when I saw that the lupine from my friend Gail had taken.  I marked it last fall expecting a bare spot this spring.  Imagine my delight when I found not a bare spot, but an actual lupine!  

And, two days later when I was weed whacking, I noticed a second lupine tucked in with the catmint!

If all goes well, and these two lupines bloom, I’ll drop the seeds I have on the hill when their seed pods form and start to shake loose.  I’m crossing my fingers!

What’s the flower/plant you’ve been unlucky with?  Have you eventually found success? Or did you give up after a while?  

Post a comment and let me know.


Marguerite said...

Isn't it funny, what grows so well for one refuses to take hold in another person's garden. Lupines are everywhere here. They self seed in my compost and I don't think I could get rid of the darn things if I tried. Onions now, and beets. It's downright embarrassing how difficult I find these to grow. I even had an older lady berate me for my inability to grow onions. "But they're the easiest things to grow!!!" she said

Auntie K said...

It is true, Marguerite! I was told it was impossible to grow cilantro, and I've never had trouble with it! But, I've had rotten luck with Lupines. Miss Rumphius would be so disappointed! I saw flower stalks tonight when I was out weeding, so I'm hoping to see flowers next week!

Brenda L said...

Blanket Flower, Lupine, daffodils

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