Monday, May 26, 2014

Where do I start?!

It’s always hard to know where to start after you’ve been away. I feel that way about the garden in the spring. And, I feel that way about my blog. I’ve been away from both for too long. I’ve been away from the garden for too long because we had the interminable/relentless winter. I’ve been away from my blog because we had a couple of family deaths and then I was assigned a giant work project, which consumed way too much time and energy.

I’m back now. Looking around and taking stock of what needs doing. Asking myself “where do I start?”


Marguerite said...

I know the feeling. I struggled with that first post coming back. Takes awhile to get back in the swing doesn't it? Glad to see you back though. Looking forward to the coming garden season and seeing what you're up to.

Auntie K said...

I'm glad to see you back, and it's good to be back. I enjoy the discipline of daily writing, and am getting back in the swing with the camera. I saw your post about your 4 year garden bed project and felt somewhat comforted... since my two bin composter is STILL in the works!

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