Monday, July 12, 2010

Gardening Garb

Shorts or long pants; tank top, t-shirt or long sleeves; hat or bareheaded; sandals or sneakers; gloves? I was surprised during my stay-cation in the garden how frequently the topic of gardening garb came up! One neighbor said no matter how hot it is she wears long pants (or at least Capri length pants) because it gives her a little more protection on her knees. Another gardener wears long pants and long sleeves and sneakers to protect her not only from the sun but also from bugs. Others prefer shorts and tanks and sandals.

I have (and wear regularly) the same gardening skort I’ve worn since 1984. Last year, I found two holes in the backside and wore them anyhow with a long t-shirt over the top. This year, I patched them and can wear a shorter top with them. I never used to wear gloves, but after seeing Betsy’s gloves earlier this year, I bought a pair and haven’t taken them off since. I love them. My dermatologist recommended a hat—to provide some protection for my nose—and last year I got one. I don’t always remember to put it on.

My garden footwear depends on what I’m doing. Sandals are okay for weeding, watering, or cutting flowers. Sneakers (or my sloggers) are for planting. Steel-toed boots are a must for tilling. I got a pair of short top gardening boots from my sister earlier this year and can’t wait to try them out!

I guess the recap is that some of us have sort of a gardening uniform and others play it by ear and mix and match. What are you wearing in the garden?

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