Friday, July 2, 2010

Hooligans in the Garden

Filing a Destruction of Property report is not exactly how I imagined starting my “stay-cation” in the gardens. But, unfortunately, that is what I have to do this morning. Last night, vandals – teens, probably – ran through the neighborhood pulling up plants, decapitating some plants, and tipping over potted plants and lawn furniture. Most of the targets were older folks, who will be devastated when they see their beloved plants completely destroyed.

In my yard, vandals tipped over the Adirondack chair, birdbaths, wheelbarrow, and all the potted plants. One potted tomato was rolled down the hill and landed on the sidewalk. A few perennials were stomped on in the process, but I believe they will come back next year. These things were well within my property and the vandals had to come into my yard to perform this brazen act making my ire even greater. On our way home, I found Monty’s water bowl smashed in the middle of the street.

My first reaction was anger, but when I saw the peonies ripped out of the ground and the decapitated hydrangeas, I cried. I just don’t understand the complete lack of respect – not only for personal property, but also for creation.

So. I am off to the Police Station to file my report. Then, I will come home to the gardens and continue planting.

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