Saturday, May 22, 2010

I’ve got the Blues – But Not in a Bad Way

When I was walking through the gardens this morning, I was overwhelmed by the blues – but not in a bad way. I noticed that almost everything blooming right now is a shade of blue and I can’t remember a time when that’s happened before! I walked through a second time, just to take in the different shades.

Centaurea. These bachelor buttons/cornflowers remind me of a scene in a favorite movie, “Room with a View,” where George and his father bring cornflowers for the Misses Allen and drape them with wreaths and stick the cornflowers into their hair. It brings the spinster sisters such delight.

Linum. This is my friend Betsy’s favorite flower, and I must confess, it’s becoming a favorite of mine, too. The slim feathery stems seem incapable of supporting the delicate blue flowers. So beautiful when they blow in the breeze.

Creeping Phlox “Oakington Blue Eyes”. I’ve used the pinks and purples in other gardens, but found this blue phlox last year and love it. I can’t believe how well it took in just one year.

Salvia. Last year, I saw a long row of salvia in full bloom and thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. I wanted to re-create it in my own garden on a smaller scale, so I planted 5 of them on the sunny hill. They’re small now, but will put on a breathtaking show in a year or so.

The Jacob’s Ladder is blooming now, too. And, the Siberian Iris will pop open any day now, adding a deeper hue to the blues in bloom at Auntie K’s Garden.

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