Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Water – Welcome Relief for all on a Hot Day

It was sunny, hot, and humid yesterday – so hot and humid that we had an “Excessive Heat Warning” – not unusual for August, but pretty rare for May. The weather people reminded us all day to drink lots of water. Their advice reminded me that newly planted additions to the garden would also benefit from some water.

My neighbor, Audrey, must have had the same thought. So, after work, she and I hauled 25 gallons of water to the new community garden we helped to plant over the weekend to ensure the seedlings didn’t fry in the hot sun. (There’s no water source at the garden, so we need to haul water in buckets from home!) The plants were looking really sad and droopy when we got there and we gave them all the water we brought with us.

When we got home, I noticed that the water in the birdbaths was gone and things here was drooping, too – even some of the natives, which are pretty drought tolerant. So, I hooked up the rain barrels to the soaker hoses and hand watered the gardens that don’t yet have soakers. As soon as I turned on the hose, the birds arrived. Even before I had filled the first birdbath, they were splashing around under the cool shower from the hose. Monty tried to catch a little spray from the hose, too, following me from birdbath to birdbath until I put the hose down for him to drink from!

I finished watering about 9:30 and headed in for a big glass of icy cold water. Aaaahhhhhh.

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