Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plan B

I’ve discovered it’s just as important to have a “Plan B” in the garden as it is in business. I always have a list of things that need to be done—weeding, planting new things, moving things around, cleaning and/or sharpening tools, filling bird feeders and baths, watering. So, having a Plan B isn’t difficult. But, some days I REALLY want to do a particular thing and Plan B isn’t it.

Yesterday, I had planned to help my friend, Annie, with weeding in the morning and plant new things home in the afternoon. There was a huge thunderstorm complex west of us that was supposed to dissipate before the front reached the cities. Our forecast was “rain free.” But, the storm complex held together and poured down buckets of rain on us for two hours. Annie and I weeded for as long as we could without getting drenched and then went to lunch.

But, my afternoon of planting had to be postponed. Digging would have been a mucky adventure after so much rain. So, I brought Elmer Jr. (my beautiful tropical hibiscus) and Arby (Schefflera arboricola) outside for the summer and then weeded some more. By late afternoon, the strong winds had dried the grass enough that I was able to mow. It was a satisfying and productive day, but not the day I had planned. I’m eager to get some planting done.

The weather this morning is quite humid (dew points in the mid 60s) and the forecast is for strong storms this afternoon. Time to sit down with a cup of tea and think about Plan B.

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