Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raspberries in the Rain

Up to now, I’ve posted about flowers. But, the raspberries are starting to form, and I can’t wait until I get to taste the first tart berry of the season. Plus, it’s raining this morning, so, it seems like the perfect time to post about raspberries.

What does rain have to do with raspberries?! Pa Jondahl said that in addition to a sunny location, raspberries need water – lots of water. “Give ‘em lots of water, and just when you think you’ve given them enough, give ‘em a little more,” he’d advise.

I planted my raspberries last summer – extras from Betsy’s garden. Most of them made it, but only a few will bear fruit this year. But, I’m a patient gardener and know that in a few years, I will have more raspberries than I can eat in a season, which means JAM! Yay!

I’m not alone in my love of raspberries. Many of my neighbors – and all of the neighbors directly adjacent to me – have raspberries. Audrey’s are growing among her lilac hedge. Mary’s are growing in only part sun and she has a bumper crop. (They’ll get more sun this year since a neighbor’s giant birch came out.) But, the most popular spot for raspberries in the city is in the small strip of earth between the garage and the alley. Barb, Patrick, Hans, and John all have raspberries growing in this space. I think this works, as odd as it sounds, because they all get lots of sun (and warmth from the alley) and they get the water that runs off the garage roof!

So, the raspberries are appreciating the rain this morning – even if we aren’t. I’ll keep you posted on the raspberry patch in Auntie K’s Garden. It’s going to be an exciting year!

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Anonymous said...

love the berries, if you need more,let me know, they are growing crazy here, and soon may take over the whole garden...i'll fight them off
my blueberries however!


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