Monday, June 21, 2010

Reflections on the First Day of Summer

When I was a kid, the first day of summer was something we looked forward to with great eagerness – even though school had been over for a couple of weeks by the time summer officially arrived. It meant wearing shorts (something we weren’t allowed to do in school) and long days of playing outside with our friends. We hardly remembered to come inside to eat! And, it meant school was a l-o-n-g way off.

Even though the first day of summer doesn’t have the same meaning for me today, I do love the long days in the gardens—even on weekdays. The sun is already coming up when Monty and I take our early morning walk. I’ve weeded and watered some mornings at 5:30. I can plant until 9pm without the use of a miner’s helmet. And, on weekends, I still forget to come inside to eat.

Rather than having the first day of school as the “long way off” marker, I now think about the “first frost date.” When I was a kid, summer days seemed endless. Now, I am aware that the days will grow shorter again – at first imperceptibly – but then more noticeably. But, for now we have long days and I plan to enjoy each one as I did when I was younger – outside – for as long as I can.

Happy solstice, everyone!

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