Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bloom where you are ….

Laden down with plants!
Last fall, I dug up and hauled home a TON of plants from the gardens of the Shady Sisters.  The property is being sold and all the gardens will be bulldozed, so the Sisters wanted their beloved plants to live on in other gardens.  I got a few things planted last fall, but then the weather and travel got in the way, and some things didn’t have a home. 

Some plants were in pots and I knew they wouldn’t stand a chance over the winter. So, I found them spots in the veggie beds.  Some plants, however, were bare root, and I had just set them in various places around the garden.  I knew some of them would make it.  I just didn’t know how many.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that ALL of the plants came back!  There’s a clump of yellow iris and some miniature ornamental allium by the tomato bed. 

Out by the raspberries, there are hostas, hostas, and more hostas!  Along with a few more ornamental allium and some creeping blue ice sedum.

When I saw these plants – flourishing where they had been set but not planted – I thought about the saying you frequently hear… “Bloom where you are planted.”  and wondered whether the last word is needed.  I sort of like “Bloom where you are.”  What do you think?

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