Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Crop Report – Two Weeks from Planting

It’s been two weeks since we got the veggies planted.  And, so far so good!  Well, mostly.  The creatures seem to have gotten into the vining spinach.  I see new sprouts in the morning and then later in the day, they’re gone.  I might have to put a little fence around this one until the plants have a chance to vine up.

The kale is doing great, and so are the onions.  We actually harvested kale yesterday and this morning for our smoothies!  We’re starting to see carrots (and a rogue sunflower, courtesy of the squirrels or chipmunks). 

The tomatoes are flowering and the cukes and squash are just getting ready to send out vines.  I used the cilantro Friday night in a batch of guacamole.  Was it my imagination, or did the guac really taste better for having some home grown ingredients?

Flowers on the fruit plants have faded and the fruit is forming!  Could there be raspberries by next weekend?!  I hope so!  The strawberries seem to be out-pacing the raspberries this year.  It’s been an odd year for bloom times.  Everything seems to be late this year – except for the strawberries. 

We won’t have to water for a few days thanks to Mother Nature doing that for us.  She provided just over an inch on Friday night into Saturday.  Today promises some sun, a great follow up to the perfect amount of moisture.

Oh!  I almost forgot! The Monarch eggs have hatched!  It’s cool to go out in the morning and see the holes in the milkweed leaves getting bigger.  I’m also seeing some new eggs on different plants. I hope some of these guys survive to adulthood. 

That’s the crop report for this week.  What’s happening in your garden?

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