Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More about the Berries

I’ve had raspberries in Auntie K’s Garden since I bought the house.  The first year, I got a handful of berries.  The second year, maybe two handfuls.  Now, they’re taking over the universe – or at least the back yard!  They’re still running rogue into the hosta hill, but I have a friend who is willing to find a home for those.  I was able to freeze berries last year, which we used for smoothies. This year, I’m hoping for enough berries to make jam!

When the Riverman started the veggie garden and the Urban Farm in 2012, we added strawberries and blueberries.  It was tough going at first, but now all the berries seem to be doing well.  Maybe the “sleep, creep, leap” motto really is true.

We have the strawberries in a box.  (My uncle in Norway has his in a raised bed and they did phenomenally well there, so I copied his approach.)  Early on, we had some winter kill – I think because the berries were close to the edge and I didn’t have straw bales around the bed in the winter.  This year, every plant came back.  A few berries jumped the box, so they’re running wild in the yard!  I’m okay with that!  Last year, the birds (or maybe a squirrel) got the ONE berry that appeared.  This year, we’re already seeing lots of flowers, so we’re hoping to share the harvest this year with our feathered and furry friends.

The blueberries also suffered the first year.  One of the original 5 plants died.  One was eaten almost to the ground by rabbits.  So, we didn’t get many berries.  Last year, I bought a few more plants and stuck them in the south facing hill where the lavender used to be.  I mulched the heck out of them last fall and put cages around them to *try* to protect them from the bunnies.  Every plant survived!  Two showed evidence of bunny munching, but even those are flowering now! 

With 9 plants, we should get enough for a blueberry pancake breakfast, or maybe some blueberry muffins.

I love currants, but don't know a thing about growing them.  Has anyone else tried currants?  If so, what has your experience been?  Should I try those next?

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