Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Urban Farm – Year Three!

The Riverman and I planted our veggie garden over the Memorial Day weekend – one short week ago!  Having learned from previous years, we’ve altered both the list of veggies and the locations for some things.  We’re doing fewer tomatoes this year, because I’ve learned that nightshades adversely affect my arthritis.  We couldn’t eliminate them entirely because the Riverman loves tomatoes and it just seems wrong to have a garden without a tomato.

We’ve eliminated the Brussels Sprouts (we may try them again because we both like them) but we wanted to try some other things this year.  No peas or beans; radishes or beets.  We’re doing peppers (to go with the tomatoes), cucumbers and squash, onions and carrots (we’ve had REALLY good luck with these in the last two years), and lots of greens for our smoothies and salads. 

I’m also trying a sweet potato since I’m using it as a substitute for the regular potato.  I’ve heard it’s difficult to grow them in our climate, but I’ve also had friends tell me that when they’ve added sweet potato vine to their annual pots, they’ve gotten potatoes by fall!  I’m hoping this turns out like the cilantro experiment!

I’ll post the Crop Report on Saturdays through the growing season -- even though the Riverman thinks more frequent updates are in order.

Do you plant the same crops year after year?  Or, do you mix it up?  Is it easier to go to the Farmers Market for some things than to grow your own?  Post a comment and let me know.

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mm said...

Since I don't have a yard, I grew tomatoes in pots on my rooftop deck for two or three years. I found it easier to go to the farmers' market. Carrying water up the stairs became a chore.

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