Monday, September 6, 2010

4H Garden Projects

One of my non-gardening activities is leading a book group for the senior high girls at my church. We met last Wednesday and ended up talking about “the Fair.” (Today is the last day of the Fair, and life will go back to normal, but it really does dominate conversations, media, and lives for 12 days.) I asked if they stopped by the 4H building. Some had, but some of the girls had never heard about 4H.

I’ll have to admit that until I started going to the Fair with my friend, Annie, most of my 4H experiences were in the animal barns. But, Annie is a costume designer and knew about a myriad of other 4H projects and activities, which she happily introduced me to. This year, in addition to looking at the clothing booklets and watching the variety show (they pull together a 30 minute program with only one week of rehearsals), I checked out some of the garden projects.

These two projects are about sunlight and plant parts. Budding botanist?

These two are about soil and compost. (Hooray for compost!)

And, this one is about garden design! The 4H’er who did this project took before and after snapshots of her site, selected plants (and included colored photos), and drew a map of the site, which she documented on her board.

Regardless of whether she grows up to have a career in landscape design, the skills she learned/used to create this project (and the garden) will remain with her for a lifetime.

Note: I’m not related to or affiliated with any of the projects I took snaps of. I was looking for projects that were related to gardening in one way or another.


Anonymous said...

I love 4-H as a kid. What you found brought back memories. Thanks for that. You are right that what they learned stays with them for a lifetime. $-H is a valuable learning experience for kids. I too was in the horse barn in 4-H, but we had projects such as these. Gave you a pick for an original and heartwarming post.

catharine Howard said...

I agree with hurray for the soil and compost!

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