Saturday, September 25, 2010

Themes and Memes

I started blogging earlier this year after careful consideration about what I would blog about and whether I could sustain it for longer than three posts. (So far so good.) Garden bloggers are creative folks, and I’m learning a lot about the craft of blogging by reading their blogs!

A few of the bloggers I read regularly have themes in their blogs. I like that. It’s like a day set apart for something special.

I haven’t developed any themes for my blog. Maybe I’ll think of something original. Maybe I’ll just continue to enjoy the themes of other bloggers.

The other thing I’ve learned about in my short time as a garden blogger is the meme. I stumbled onto these memes and enjoy seeing the contributions from around the world.

I’ve participated in a few of these, but forget sometimes. I collected this list to help me remember, and then thought it might be an interesting post.

If you have a theme in your blog or if you have a favorite meme in the garden blogosphere I haven’t mentioned, post a comment and let me know! I love finding out about new things.


Autumn Belle said...

Some garden related themes are Macro Monday, Fertilizer Friday and Today's Flower.

Alison said...

Here are some other memes that I like or have participated in:

Foliage Followup:

Camera Critters:

Harvest Monday:

End of the Month View:

Elephant's Eye said...

Hot Loud and Proud from Noel in Hawaii. Muse day. VP's OOTS, Out on the Streets. Twosday. Mosaic Monday.

Auntie K said...

Wow! Thanks everybody for helping me out! These are some great additions!

Diana, I wasn't able to locate the host/ess for Twosday or Out on the Streets. :(

I'm a little freaked out by Mosaic Monday, since my photography skills are so lacking, but will give each a go in the coming weeks!

I'm grateful to each of you for your kindness in nurturing a novice blogger like me. The journey is always better when you have guides and companions.

Missy said...

If you want to do simple mosaics or even organise your photos there's a grea free downloadable program called Picasa - just google it. That's what I use and I'm a real amateur.

Elephant's Eye said... that is your OOTS link. And I put up a link to Picasa on Wednesday #2. Look for Twosday at Blotanical, sorry I don't remember WHO it is.

Auntie K said...

Missy; Thanks for the tip about Picasa. I'll give it a try on our next rainy day!

Diana; Thank you! I found Twosday (It's 2sDay!) at the Crafty Gardener! I just finished reading Wednesday AND Friday and have bookmarked them for future reference. So grateful for the help.

It's sunny this morning, so I think after another cuppa, I'm headed out to get a few last things planted. It's 36 F here this morning, (2C) which means it's REALLY time for the houseplants to come back inside, too!

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