Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2010

It's the 15th of the month, and you know what that means . . . . Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. The premise is to post photos of what’s blooming in the garden on this particular day. May Dreams Gardens hosts, and provides a list of participating garden blogs.

As I looked around the garden yesterday (thank goodness I took snapshots then, because it’s storming this morning!) I realized I could almost re-post my August entry. The coneflowers have faded, but the rudbeckia, Russian Sage, phlox, salvia, and asters are going strong.

Lavender (pictured) and spring anemone (not pictured) are both having a second bloom.

Asclepias (pictured) and Stella D’Oro (not pictured) continue to add a splash of orange to the gardens.

The sedum seems more rosy this year. In past years, it has been a deeper, wine color.

The roses, which had taken a beating from August storms are back. Here’s Morden Blush and Julia Child. Crown Princess Margrethe is still in bud, but will also bloom once more before the chilly weather sets in.

Elmer, my tropical hibiscus, should be moving back inside this week, but he’s been blooming so beautifully, I’ve left him outside to soak up every last bit of sunshine. (Okay, to be perfectly honest, I’m also procrastinating about the “coming inside” routine. To prevent the whiteflies that come inside with him, I remove all the soil, hose off the roots and re-pot with new soil—a production that takes a bit of time.)

The volunteer sunflowers and cosmos are both still going strong, too. That’s what’s blooming in Auntie K’s Garden this month. My prediction for October is aster-o-rama!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Elmer gets a real treatment. I am not so fastidious. I brought in one mint plant to use in iced tea for only a short time, and the white flies followed.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I must admit I am not crazy about the routine of bringing plants in either. The nights here are really cool and it must be done but not just yet. Thanks for sharing your blooms today.

Auntie K said...

gardenwalkgardentalk; Elmer was a housewarming gift from the daughters of one of my gardening mentors. He also had an Elmer that moved in and out with the seasons. I swore that Elmer was going to die in the cold last year because the whiteflies from the previous winter were HORRIBLE. But, after reading about how the whiteflies are in the soil, I figured it was worth a try. Nobody gave it much of a shot, but it really did work. When I put the new soil in, I stuck some systemic tablets in and, voila, no whiteflies! I don't seem to have the whitefly issue with the non-flowering plants that spend the summer outside.

Gardening in a Sandbox: Ugh. I know. I waited really long to do it last year, but we're in a cool snap now, so I think Saturday morning is the day. Thanks for stopping by!

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