Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anticipating First Fruits

I'm looking forward to tasting the first strawberry from our garden. Oh, I'm also looking forward to eating the veggies we planted, but for me, there's nothing like that first strawberry of the season. Mmmmmmm. I love that sweet, sometimes tart, juiciness that makes your mouth so happy! Not to mention the satisfaction that comes from having grown the fruit yourself.

I had thought that day was here last week. But, when we got back from Wabasha, I found the ripe berry on the mulch near the bed with one bite out of it. Dang squirrels. "I'll teach them," I thought, "I'll put some bird netting over the bed to keep the creatures out." Things were looking good this week, and yesterday, there was a ripe berry again! But, I wanted a picture first and the battery in my camera was dead, so I told myself I could wait until evening.

You can see where this is going, can't you?! Yep. I got home and found the berry expertly snipped off and the hull in the bed. The berry was gone -- completely. Something had gotten it through the netting! There are two more berries nearly ripe. I hope by the time I get home this afternoon I will be able to taste one!

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