Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catching up After a Brief Absence

Holy cow, Batman! The last time I posted was Father's Day! Things have been hopping here and apparently, keeping up with my writing fell off the list. We had a lot of rain for a while -- about an inch and a quarter every other day. It filled the rain barrels and leaked into the basement. So I spent some time dreaming up ways to keep the water outside. I ended up removing a rain barrel on the west side, and I *think* it's helping. Of course, since I re-attached the downspout, it hasn't rained, so I can't really know if my fix works.

Old photo of Hawk in the birdbath
As a matter of fact, it's been so hot this last week that birds of all kinds have been hanging out at the birdbaths -- including the hawk, whom we saw when we were having dinner on Wednesday night. The heat wave is supposed to continue all week, so I'll have to make a point of refreshing the water in the baths every day.

The crops have been doing great! Even the peppers we thought were toast have come back! And, because the cucumber was doing so well over by the roses, we moved the squash last week and they're all flowering now, too! We've been picking berries of all kinds for a couple of weeks, so breakfasts have been delish! I had a bet with the Riverman that we'd have tomatoes by the Fourth of July, and yesterday, I won that bet! Two of our "Moby Grape" tomatoes became ripe enough to pick!

But, it's not all sunshine and roses here at the Urban Farm, because ... as predicted... the Japanese Beetles are back. I hate those things. My neighbor bought a pair of leather gloves and has taken to squishing the JBs that are attacking her raspberries. I'm too squeamish for that and still plunge the dastardly devils to a soapy death.

This week brings my now traditional "Stay-cation in the Garden" week, and the list of projects is long! I'll post the list tomorrow and keep you updated on my progress.

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