Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Using up the Grass -- A New Path

Some of my neighbors think I'm crazy, but I have a goal of using up all the grass in the yard. I'm the kind of person who would much rather pull a few weeds than mow a lawn. I've had my grass free goal since I bought the house 5 years ago, but vowed that as long as Monty the Wonder Dog was around, I'd keep some grass for him to frolic in. He loved lying in the sunshine and rolling in the grass when I was working in the gardens. Now that he's gone, I can move toward my goal. I picked the Fourth of July as my "grass free" date. It's an arbitrary date, but I felt like I had to pick a deadline and Independence Day seemed like a good date -- symbolic. And, far enough off that I might just accomplish it!

Tonight, I made some progress toward my goal. I used some of the old flag stones from the kitchen walk to make a path/walk from the west hill to the front door. I had avoided this project because my original plan was to take out the grass and level everything and put down sand, etc. and that seemed daunting. But, after I made the "walk" the other day by the raised bed, I decided to do the same thing in the front yard. I just put the stones on top of the grass and tucked some heavy paper underneath as a weed block before covering it with mulch. Voila. Instant path!

Well, sort of instant. It was heavy work hauling the stones from the back yard where they've been stacked for the last couple years. But, it wasn't as difficult laying it out as I anticipated. I've got some stones left, which is a good thing, because I want to have a similar path on the west side of the house going to the hosta hill.

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