Friday, June 8, 2012

Creature Feature

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in the sunroom and watch the birds in the garden. (The Riverman now enjoys this, too. ) We've seen a couple of butterflies in the garden and lots of bees. The hawk -- a once regular visitor to the birdbath -- has been absent for a month or so, but we've had other visitors at Auntie K's.

The first regular visitor this year has been a baby bunny. I was worried that the bunny would get the blueberries or some of the strawberries, but when I've seen him, he's been munching on Elmer's fallen leaves or on dandelions. Go bunny! (Yesterday, I saw a bigger bunny and thought "the crops" might be in danger, but so far, so good.)

The oddest -- and most enjoyable -- visitors to the gardens this year has been the trio of mallards! Two males and a female have been hanging out in the neighborhood -- wandering from yard to yard. Many mornings, I find them under a tall hosta or the big arborvitae. They watched us plant "the crops," and although they quack if we get close, they must sense we're not a danger to them, because they just waddle a few feet and nestle in again!

Do you have usual or unusual visitors in your garden? Post a comment and tell me about them!

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