Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sharing the Roses

I love roses. And, I have a lot of them. So, last fall, when Neighbor Nancy wanted to dig out the roses in the garden that had been Barb's, I knew I couldn't take them all--especially that late in the season. There just wasn't time to dig all those holes! There just wasn't space.

Magnifica (pink) and Sir Thomas Lipton (white)
But, we were working against the clock, so I called Betsy, who said she had space in her veggie garden, so, I dug out all of Barb’s roses -- 9 plants -- and wintered them over at Betsy's. In April, Betsy dug them out and we potted them, so I could take them back to the city and distribute them. I set them on the south hill and neighbors came to take what they could use. I think Barb would be happy to know her roses are living in other sunny gardens now. One neighbor came after all Barb’s roses were gone. Luckily, I had a couple that were crowded and needed to go and I let her dig them out. She’s thrilled to have them and now my roses aren’t crowded.

Then, to make room for the new raised bed for the Urban Farm project, I needed to move one of my old Magnifica shrub roses. The young couple who bought the home across from me is starting with a clean palate, and I offered it to them. They accepted. So, the Riverman and I dug out the old rose and planted it in its new location. (We had to use a burlap sling to get it from the ground to the wheelbarrow!) We were afraid it wasn't going to make it, but it looks like it'll come back now.

Here at Auntie K's, my wish was to get through a complete bloom cycle on all the roses before the dastardly beetles made their appearance. I got my wish! (Is it too much to ask for another?! Buds are just about ready to open on several shrubs!)

Do you have a favorite plant? Have you had to move something cherished to make room for something new? Post a comment and let me know.

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