Thursday, June 14, 2012


Like most gardeners, I have a list of things I'd like for the garden. My list includes plant material; garden objects, including a fountain someday; and practical things like soaker hoses, plant markers, and a compost bin. I'm a Capricorn, which means I lean toward the practical in almost everything. So, garden objects are lower on the list than plant material. But, plant material almost always beats out the "practical" stuff, because I can always "make due" with what I've got for just a little longer...

The other day, the Riverman and I were looking at the wedding registry for the daughter of some friends and I saw something that was on my garden list. "I've wanted one of those for a really long time," I confessed almost covetously. His incredulous response was, "Why?!" I gave him my reasons and we chose the gift for the couple (not the item I lusted after).

Yesterday after work, the "chore" was thinning the carrots. The Riverman arrived and did a tour through the garden before getting to the task of planticide. He kicked the hose, which was lying near the stone path, and said in an uncharacteristically grumpy way, "This thing is always in the way." I attributed the grump to a cold that's been hanging on for a couple of weeks and told him the solution was on the list and that if the plant sale went well over the weekend, I'd pick one up next week. He kicked the hose again and shook his head. Then, he said he forgot the elbow wrap for my tendonitis in the back seat of the car and would I mind getting it while he finished checking the crops. I walked to his car hoping the cold would subside soon. I wasn't sure I liked the grumpy Riverman.

But, my consternation disappeared when I got to the car and saw in the back seat not the elbow wrap but the hose reel box from my garden list! I think I actually did the happy Snoopy dance. It might sound silly, but we are neither great shoppers nor gift exchangers -- the Riverman and I -- so I was touched that he shopped AND chose something so meaningful to me -- something I'd been denying myself because I could "make due."

Have you waited a long time to get something for your garden? Post a comment and tell me about it.


Marguerite said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. He sure sounds like a keeper!

Auntie K said...

It WAS really thoughtful! (I think he's a keeper, too.)

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