Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After the Storms

Yesterday, the forecast was for some rain. What we got was wave after wave of downpours starting mid-morning and lasting well after dark. In total, we received over 3 inches of rain. That's a lot of rain in one day where I live. It was too dark last night to see if there was any damage, but the streetlights allowed me to see that the water in the streets – even at the top of the hill where I live – was overflowing the curbs and coming onto the sidewalks! I haven’t seen rain like that since the 1980s.

“Bye bye fresh mulch” was all I could think. But, the mulch was in-tact when I went out for a walk this morning. The stones I had placed around the boulevard gardens did a great job of keeping the soil and mulch in the gardens and out of the streets and off the sidewalks! Some of the plants – lamb’s ear and artemesia silver mound – got pretty matted. And, the liatris are leaning over quite a bit, but nothing sustained permanent damage. Whew!

The grass in the front yard, however, is turning getting quite tall. The rain has been coming with enough frequency this week that there hasn’t been enough time between storms for the grass to dry enough to mow it! We’re expecting more rain Thursday and Friday. I’m crossing my fingers that it dries enough today that I can mow this evening.


catharine Howard said...

First I thought "I would have liked a picture" then I thought that was lazy and made my mind picture what your words conjured. I remember such late summer storms from a Montreal childhoold

Auntie K said...

Catharine; I did think about taking a snapshot, but wondered what people would think seeing the ugly matted plants. We're expecting more storms Friday, so I may have another opportunity! Thanks for stopping by!

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