Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seed Art and Scarecrows

Two of my favorite things to check out at the Fair are the Seed Art and the Scarecrows. I marvel at the creative ideas people have for both art forms. I don’t know that any of the scarecrows would actually scare any birds away, and some I wouldn’t even put outside, but they’re really fun to look at. Like everything else at the Fair, anyone can enter! So, you see scarecrows created by kids, adults, and seniors!

Two of my favorite scarecrows from this year were the Garden Woman Scarecrow, which was papier-mache and used vintage seed packets on the body and the “Fair” Crow, which used several Fair favorites in its composition. (I love the cotton candy hair!) I don’t know when people start thinking about planning and designing these scarecrows, but they’re due for judging two weeks before the Fair begins (as are the seed art creations).

I admire the Seed Art because it’s something I definitely don’t have the patience for. I can’t imagine sitting at a table with a pile of tiny seeds gluing them on one-by-one to make a picture! It’s interesting to see the themes that emerge, too. The year Mel Gibson’s film about Jesus came out, there were lots of Seed Jesuses. In 2002, there were several twin towers. Just after election years, there are presidents. This year, the entries seemed diverse. One that made me laugh was a depiction of the Jet Blue flight attendant on the emergency slide.

The best seed art I saw this year was this clock. It’s amazing.

I also liked this birdhouse, which if left outside, would become more of a bird feeder than birdhouse!

The Fair runs through Labor Day, and my next shift at the Hort Society booth is Friday. So, it's back to the gardens at home until then. But, nxext weekend, I’ll have some photos of the gardens at the Fair.


Alison said...

Love that garden woman scarecrow with the seed packets stuck to her! Very clever! I don't think I would have the patience to glue little seeds to make a picture either. I'd much rather sow them and see what I get.

Looking forward to pictures of the fair gardens!

Auntie K said...

Alison, They had so many clever scarecrows this year, including Lady Gaga! But, I thought garden woman was really creative. I wholeheartedly agree with you about sowing seeds rather than gluing them!

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