Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet me at The Fair!

When you hear people talking about “the Fair,” you know they mean the Minnesota State Fair. My mind has been more on the Fair these last few days than it has been on the gardens here at Auntie K’s. Today is Opening Day, and over the next 12 days, I have plans to spend 4 days (or parts of 4 days) there. Today, I’m taking my nephews – the boys who call me Auntie K. It’s been our tradition now for 11 years to go on opening day. I cherish every trip because I know that in a year or two, they’ll prefer to go to the Fair with friends rather than with their Auntie.

I’ll be a volunteer for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society on my other three visits—stationed in the Ag/Hort building. Most likely, I’ll stay after my shift or go early on those days so I can take in all the goodies the Fair has to offer. I'll visit the 4H building, where kids come and stay in the dorms on the Fairgrounds while they show their animals, homemade clothing, and other projects. I’ll look for jam, pickles, and tomato sauce made by friends and displayed in wonderfully back-lit refrigerated cases. I’ll check out all the gardens around the Fairgrounds, admiring the designs and marveling that all the summer bulbs bloomed and look so great!

And, of course, I’ll eat. “Food on a Stick” is the Fair’s claim to fame. Pork chops, corn dogs, caramel apples, and deep-fried Twinkies (or candy bars) are a few of the delicacies the boys have sampled in the past. I’m not sure what food adventures await today. I heard rumors about chocolate covered bacon being on today’s agenda. Better pack some antacid.


Fooberries said...

Antacids, comfortable shoes and a hat are the necessities.

Not sure we will be making it this year, but will try.

Ag and 4H building are a must. Both of which would be superseded by a demo-derby!

Have some fun for those still in their cubes; and stay hydrated.

Auntie K said...

Hi Fooberries; I didn't need the antacids after all and I left my hat at home. (That would have been smart to have with me.) We had Midway madness and Dylan did eat the chocolate covered bacon. (I declined a taste.) They were so tired after the midway, we didn't even make it to the animal barns! Thank goodness I'll have three more opportunities! Next up, tomorrow from 12:30 to 5. I'll probably stay after the shift since I'll be on conference calls in the morning. :( Hope you make it out there. The weather is fantastic!

Autumn Belle said...

It is indeed an enjoyable experience going to the fair, especially for the kids. Hope you have a great time there.

Auntie K said...

Autumn Belle; Are you an avid Fair goer?! Did you have a favorite this year? It absolutely takes over life as we know it for 12 days and then, somehow, life goes back to "normal." I have one visit (and volunteer shift) to go.

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