Friday, August 27, 2010

Lists—One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I am a list person. They help keep me organized. Most of my lists are project related – either inside the house or in the garden. Lately, however, it seems that when I check one thing off, I add a couple more, which doesn’t do much for my sense of accomplishment. Part of this is that some of the things on my list are cyclical/repetitive things – like weeding and watering. So, once I get finished weeding all the gardens, it’s time to start over again. Mother Nature has taken care of the watering really well this year, but the newly planted things need a little extra boost, as do all the things still in pots.

And, then there are the things that I just haven’t gotten to—at all—like build a new compost bin and dig out part of the west hill to put in the stone steps. I’ve been looking at compost bin designs and have decided to go with a two-bin version suggested by a reader! It will require me to move a couple of raised vegetable beds, so it’s been relegated to the “end of season” chores. “Install the stone steps” has been on the list from the beginning of the season, but the weather has been so warm I haven’t wanted to tackle it. (I’ve got a parenthetical on that one that says, “wait for cooler weather.”)

I’ve decided I need more than a day or two to get these things done, so I’ve bitten the bullet and have taken a few days of vacation next week to focus solely on these “undone projects.” Another thing on my list is to include photos more regularly in my blog posts. I’ve gotten comments and emails from readers asking for photos. I’ll try to do that, but I’m a novice photographer, and feel horrible about inflicting my bad photos on you. I suppose that with any new endeavor, practice makes perfect, so . . . .

Anybody else out there feeling unaccomplished, or is it just me?!


Marguerite said...

My photography skills are pretty terrible too but I console myself with the thought that I'll be able to look at pictures years from now of my garden and remember what things looked like. Good for you taking time off to complete chores instead of just putting them off to next year!

Auntie K said...

Marguerite; Thank you for your comment. I did look through the photos from years past and do see the growth -- both in the garden and in the snapshots! (That's probably not saying a lot about my photography skills today!) I had a "stay-cation" this year at the July 4th holiday and really enjoyed it. But, it was too hot to do some of the chores I had on my list. I thought I'd take advantage of the Labor Day holiday to see if I could make a dent!

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