Friday, August 13, 2010

Becoming an Impatient Gardener

I am a patient gardener. I buy small plants and wait for them to mature rather than buying mature plants for instant gratification. I sow seeds for perennials, too, which take even longer to mature than the small starts. I appreciate the flowers (and fruits) of the seasons. When the tulips are blooming, for example, I soak them in, rather than wishing for peonies or roses.

But, the weather we’ve had this week is making me seriously impatient. Since Sunday, we’ve had temperatures in the 90s peppered with strong storms – making it impossible to do anything in the garden. The heat (accompanied by oppressive humidity) is exhausting, and the rain is making the ground soggy – not to mention it’s not recommended to work with plants when the leaves are damp because you can encourage fungus and rot among the plants. (I did pull a few pieces of quackgrass yesterday, but was careful to touch only the grass.)

We do get 90s here occasionally, and we do also get our share of summer storms. It’s uncharacteristic, however, to have them in combination for such a prolonged period. Today is supposed to be the last day of both the heat and the storms. Cooler weather (and perhaps my patience) will return tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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